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Midway - TestArmada's Mock Server

Most applications rely on one or more back end services. For successful test execution and fast development, all the dependent backend services should be reliable 100% of the time. However, that may not be possible as the backend services may be down from time to time for various reasons. Or they may have data inconsistency issues that prevent testing and development against live services or at least make it very challenging and time consuming.

With the new release of Midway, the TestArmada team has a solution for you.

Midway is a mock server that allows the creation of reliable test data quickly. It can be leveraged to create stub REST APIs responses. These responses can be used by applications during development or testing. The application is configured to points to the mock service host address instead of the live service. Pre-recorded responses are then returned by Midway for various end-points. Midway requires minimal logic when writing mock services and hence keeps maintenance and development cost to a minimum.

Congratulations to the TestArmada team to the release of Midway as an open source project. Please find more information on the TestArmada website. Or you can have a look at the code.