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In The Public

Walmart has long been a a part of the open source community. We are contributors to many projects. And we create and maintain numerous original projects. Today we are pleased to provide you with the new website code.walmartlabs.com, as the main source of information about our open source related work.

There is always something happening and now you can follow our open source blog to stay up to date.

We are very excited about our current open source efforts and, even more so, about projects in the works. Check out the docs for all open source related information.

Beyond this site, we invite you to find out more about WalmartLabs and the efforts of other Walmart brands and teams.

Our engineering blog always provides insights into topics from individual teams and developers and is well worth a read.

And last, but not least, if you love to work on large scale problems with open source tools and software - we are hiring.