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Concord, CD Workflows At Scale With Ease

Walmart Labs is proud to announce a new open source project that has become a major driver of all our continuous deployment processes, Concord.

Concord is a continuous deployment tool and generic workflow orchestration system. It allows organizations to orchestrate complex workflows including continuous deployment steps.

It works at Walmart scale performing Ansible-based deployments to many thousands of nodes on a regular basis. Of course, it also handles deployments to OneOps, K8s and numerous other workflow loads.


Concord provides a flexible plugin model that allows you to easily integrate other tools. Several plugins are already available and allow complex integration with tools such as Ansible, OneOps, GitHub, Terraform, any generic REST API and others.

In fact, if you are an Ansible user looking for an open source tool to run Ansible playbooks at scale, looking at Concord is a must. Concord is a functional replacement for Ansible Tower used at Walmart scale.

The Concord team is constantly improving and expanding the features and functionality, including the plugins to integrate with further systems.

Getting Started

To get a good idea of Concord, check out our overview slide deck or read our overview section including details about real world usage scenarios currently in daily use.

As a user you want to have a look at the Concord User Training: Level 1 - Beginner. Over 1300 developers already attended this training internally and many more are relying on Concord every day.

And then move on to installing and configuring Concord.

We hope to hear from you about your success with Concord usage.

Concord Team

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