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Like many other organizations Walmart Labs, is using Kubernetes among other cloud environments. Some of our teams found a need to perform a number of tasks related to interacting with k8s clusters easily with a user interface. Enter Kubeman!

We are proud to announce that Kubeman has been open sourced and you can now enjoy performing complex tasks with a clean interface.

  • Installation of Kubeman is trivial. Download and run essentially.
  • Connect to your k8s cluster and you are ready to go.
  • Start Kubeman and use it.

Kubeman makes it easier to find information from Kubernetes clusters, to investigate issues related to Kubernetes and Istio and to interact with the cluster and its parts.

You can perform numerous tasks, all of which are encoded in recipes.

  • Inspect clusters, namespaces and pods
  • Find information about events and resources
  • Work with deployments and services
  • View and manipulate Istio Ingress, Istio Pilot and Envoy Proxy configuration and logs

There are numerous recipes for related tasks and the user guide provides a lot of additional, detailed information.

We hope you enjoy Kubeman!