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Like many other organizations Walmart Labs, is using Kubernetes among other cloud environments. Some of our teams found a need to perform a number of tasks related to interacting with k8s clusters easily with a user interface. Enter Kubeman!

Concord, CD Workflows At Scale With Ease

Walmart Labs is proud to announce a new open source project that has become a major driver of all our continuous deployment processes, Concord.

Concord is a continuous deployment tool and generic workflow orchestration system. It allows organizations to orchestrate complex workflows including continuous deployment steps.

It works at Walmart scale performing Ansible-based deployments to many thousands of nodes on a regular basis. Of course, it also handles deployments to OneOps, K8s and numerous other workflow loads.

EDI X12 Parsing in Java

We are happy to announce the latest release of our open source project Gozer. Gozer provides a library of EDI X12 parsers in Java for use by anyone in the EDI X12 Community. The focus is on the retail formats. Currently we support DEX 894 and have plans to support ASN 856 soon.

In The Public

Walmart has long been a a part of the open source community. We are contributors to many projects. And we create and maintain numerous original projects. Today we are pleased to provide you with the new website, as the main source of information about our open source related work.

Midway - TestArmada's Mock Server

Most applications rely on one or more back end services. For successful test execution and fast development, all the dependent backend services should be reliable 100% of the time. However, that may not be possible as the backend services may be down from time to time for various reasons. Or they may have data inconsistency issues that prevent testing and development against live services or at least make it very challenging and time consuming.

With the new release of Midway, the TestArmada team has a solution for you.

Scaling Distributed Events with BigBen

Everything operating at Walmart needs to work at scale. Just throwing hardware and cloud-resources at the problem in many cases is not enough.

Event scheduling is one of the situations where we need to add a considerable amount of smarts into the mix. Sandeep Malik has the smarts and experience it takes and he blogged about his solution on our engineering blog.

We are now pleased to announce that the distributed event scheduler BigBen is now open source and available for you all to use and contribute to.

I am sure Sandeep is looking forward to hear about your experience and ready to help you with new features or bug fixes as needed.

Congratulations from the WalmarLabs Open Source Team!

Nocktor, Your Nock Doctor

One commonly used platform at Walmart is our own Electrode. As advocates of testing and users of mocking in some cases, some of our teams have adopted usage of the node module nock.

As true hackers, some of our users saw a need to doctor with the usage of nock and created Nocktor. It applies functional testing best practices from @walmartlabs to provide a simple API for recording and replaying mock data.

We are please to share this project with you and look forward to hear your feedback.

EDI X12 Parsing in Java

As a large retail company we work with standards such as EDI X12 to exchange information within the organization as well as with vendors and partners.

With our new open source project Gozer we are making a Java implementation available to everyone. Gozer is used in production in a number of systems and we are happy to share it with the wider retail and EDI community.

We look forward to hear about your usage and any potential issues you find. We are already busy working on improvements and further format support.

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