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Our Contributions

Open source software lives only thanks to the active participation of the original creators and the ongoing support and contributions from the community.

We are an active part of this community and contribute on many projects and with a number of different means.

Our Own Projects

We manage and run hundreds of open source projects ranging from small utilities to large, powerful applications and frameworks. We actively encourage open sourcing of further projects and are constantly adding new ones.


Many of our applications and tools embed open source components, rely on open source frameworks or use open source tools. These upstream projects are actively supported by our developers and users reporting issues, submitting patches or contributing features and improvements.

Support and Sponsorships

Many of the open source project tools, frameworks and libraries we use, are critical to the operation of our business. As such we are engaged with numerous commercial entities that provide support contracts and work on improvements of the projects.

We spend millions of dollars every year on these contracts and a significant portion of the related efforts flows right back into the open source codebase of the projects and therefore raises the quality for all users.

In addition, we work with open source foundations and organizations as well as corporations and their open source programs. Here are a few examples:

Our relationship to the above organizations is purely regarding their open source projects and involvement with the community.