WalmartLabs manages a large amount of open source projects. Here is a small list with links to more information.

Walmartlabs on GitHub - our organization hosts a large number of projects ranging from JavaScript tools, Clojure projects to C libraries. Click through to see the full scope of what we are working on these days.

Electrode is a platform for building universal React/Node.js applications with standardized structure, best practices, and modern technologies baked in. With Electrode web and native, you can use one codebase for your web and native application development.

Jet on GitHub - our team uses a wide range of tools including the programming language F# on the .Net platform and manages a number of projects.

OneOps is the platform as a service system powering all cloud applications in a cloud agnostic system. This allows our e-commerce and other systems to run seamlessly across private and public clouds.

TestArmada is a fleet of tools for making cross-browser end-to-end testing fast, user-friendly, and valuable at scale, across large teams, without those annoying false positives.